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Formerly CRICO Strategies and the Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS), we are now Candello, Solutions by CRICO. Our new brand represents a fresh start and exciting new offerings supported by our solid foundation built on 20+ years success delivering meaningful data and analysis for health care improvement. As Candello, we continue our commitment to illuminating the path forward for health care executives and clinical leaders, shedding light on the what, where, how, and why patients are being harmed.

Webinar January 11, 2022 1pm EST

The Elusive Efficacy Measurement: Using MPL Data in Patient Safety Program Evaluation

Principle investigator and author Adam Schaffer, MD, presents research on how to meaningfully measure the efficacy of simulation training and similar programs using MPL data.


Best in Class Data

Experience the power of the nation's largest claims database and taxonomy to accurately understand adverse events and engage your leadership and clinicians with confidence.


Claims Management Intelligence

Reduce your overall risk profile through predictive analytics that help you understand which adverse events result in both settlement compensation and high associated costs.


Peer Benchmarking

Compare your malpractice claims experience—indemnity, expenses, and loss exposure—to the largest selection of your peers.


Insights in 60-Seconds

Satisfy RCA Reporting Requirements by triaging potentially compensable events (PCE) and serious reportable events (SRE) in under 60-seconds, enabling you to quickly satisfy regulatory requirements

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Candello Community

Connect to the national Candello Community on best practices in MPL management and/or clinical interventions.


As a tool to improve health care, medical professional liability data has two key values: qualitative details and financial context. Demonstrating that we've spent millions on cases related to a given problem over the last five years, makes it easier when asking that we spend one-tenth of that to fix it."

Over the years, we have gained extraordinary insights for supporting that mission from studying patient harm—primarily through CBS data. Actuaries, underwriters, claims professionals, and marketing and communications professionals are accessing and using data in their decision-making.”

Remaining transparent with malpractice claims data helps all stakeholders be proactive. We feel so strongly about getting the information out that our chair of emergency medicine is a member of our claims committee and self-insurance program committee.”

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