Whether you are strengthening or restructuring your quality, risk and patient safety programs, concerned about a single or series of events in a particular clinical service, or preparing for integration of, or merger with other health care entities, understanding the strength and vulnerabilities in your current and future state is critical to successful risk and patient safety management.

Our risk assessment services are rooted in the concept that organizations best poised to successfully capture and address risk have an optimal Patient Safety Profile which maximizes the structure, culture, and leadership of your patient safety programs.

Risk Assessment & Plan (RAP)

Illustration demonstrating the three pillars of a CRICO Strategies Risk Assessment: Structure, Culture, and LeadershipKey to understanding vulnerabilities and leveraging opportunities in your Patient Safety Profile is a RAP assessment—a unique interview-driven, culture-based approach for, clinical leaders:

  • concerned about incidents, claims and risks in Obstetrics, Emergency Department, Surgery and Radiology, so that clinical leaders can understand and address cultural, systems and process weaknesses that are plaguing those services;
  • involved in mergers, acquisitions, partnerships or affiliations, for which leaders wish to know the risks they may be acquiring or sharing through such business relationships; and
  • driving clinical integration across multiple organizations, so that clinical leadership can identify and address cultural, systems and process barriers to successfully implementing standards of care, pathways, and protocols to reduce variations in care.

RAP Process


Through efficient one-on-one and group interviews with senior leadership, middle management, and frontline
providers we will:

  • gain deep insight into leader and front line staff perspectives
  • systematically investigate key themes

Data Analysis

A close analysis of data, such as your culture of safety surveys, aggregate adverse event, and/or patient
complaint metrics, and learnings from our proprietary CBS data—400,000+ cases of harm & loss—will enable
us to correlate to:

  • key themes identified in interviews
  • existing initiatives in quality, risk, and patient safety

Synthesis of Findings

Our seasoned team—with clinical, risk management, and operational expertise—works with relevant thought
leaders to synthesize the findings into key learnings.

Interactive Workshop & Plan

We will hold an interactive workshop with participants of the process to communicate the key learnings
and opportunities, and provide an action plan for improvement.

The RAP was a gift

Pat Folcarelli shares how the CRICO Strategies Risk Assessment & Plan (RAP) helped Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

RAP-Pat Folcarelli-Gift


To learn more about the RAP that was conducted with BIDMC, you may read the complete case study.

BIDMC Case Study

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The feedback we have gotten from CRICO Strategies interviewing our staff in a RAP (Risk Appraisal and Plan) has been truly transformative.

Pat Folcarelli, RN, PhD Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center